Lawn and Shrub Treatment

A Treatment That’ll Get Rid Of Your Grass-Damaging Insects

Our pest control lawn treatment method is safe and is the best way to protect your land.

At The Bomb Pest Control, we understand the importance of having a well-maintained garden and how insect infestations risk that goal. Our lawn pest control treatment will eliminate both surface and subsurface feeding insects to prevent them from damaging your grass and shrubs.

We first complete a complete assessment of your lawn and shrubs health and devise a safe and effective plan to irradicate any pest occurances. 

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We’ll take care of those tricky insects you can’t see

Getting rid of visible lawn feeding insects is just one part of the elimination process. To ensure the infestation is gone for good, you need to eradicate the subsurface feeding insects, those that you can’t see but that damage your garden from within. These insects feed on the grassroots, causing significant damage to your land.

Our professional lawn pest control services can help rid your property of all kinds for plant and strub destroying pests. Call us today for a FREE lawn past control inspection! We offer affordable options to help keep your property health and pest free! Let us release The Bomb on your property and say good bye to pests.

Our reliable lawn and shurb pest control treatment will eradicate your pests without harming your garden or lawn

Our lawn pest control treatment will efficiently eradicate your pests, but our products won’t damage your grass or shrubs while doing so. You can say goodbye to the infestation that feeds on your grass without having to worry about the damage to your garden. Our process is so plant-friendly that it will be as if the infestation never occurred.

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With 20 years of experience in the pset control industry, you can count on us to take care of your house and your yard! From termite control to pest control, The Bomb Pest Control can do it all! We service the Palm Coast, Bunnell, Flagler Beach and St Augustine, FL areas. 

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